Sugar Baby ROSE

You only live once, so Enjoy the ride


Address: 6 Alexander Street 

Crows Nest, 2065


Booking Model Girls: (02) 8957 2086

Beauty Portrait
Nude Massage
+ H Job 

(Drink Including)

Rates From

30 min $90

Ladies fee$60 Room Hire $30

45 min $110

Ladies fee$70 Room Hire $40

60 min $130

Ladies fee$80 Room Hire $50

Premium Service

(Drink Including, Show together, Oral sex, Variety of positions)

Rates From

30 min $150

Ladies fee$100 Room Hire $50

45 min $200

Ladies fee$140 Room Hire $60

60 min $250

Ladies fee$180 Room Hire $70

Image by Caroline Hernandez

*Sugarbaby Outcall dating service*

Coming Soon

Our first priority is your

Safety n Privacy,

We'll make sure you get paid in

your first date

*Condition apply to only on

Selection girl.

First time to Sugarbaby Rose, let us show you how we work Step by Step

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Manager will make sure everyone check in Covid-safe


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Girl will introduce themselves


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